Night Of The Wolf Slot Machine

That’s why everyone adores High 5: they make cool casinos and relatively nice casino games. Even though this description may sound vague to some ears, the universal truth about this reputable gambling organization is that High 5 Games hardly can release a poor-quality product whether we are talking about some online venue or a freshly-baked slot game. Speaking of their developing records, they usually tend to take something hyped in the air, restructure it in a way to suit players’ needs and them embed a few extravaganzas to wrap things up. This is what their brand-new title Night Of The Wolf is really about:  Twilight saga’s hype train has not departed in a ‘left behind’ direction yet, right when High 5 decided to remind the gambling world of infamous vampires and vicissitudes of being a vampire girl.


Night Of The Wolf seems a versatile tale: some might see a little bit of context on star-crossed lovers, others find a major allusion to the vampire-themed genre, and some notice a completely different narrative of transformation and transgression. Just as multi-faced Night Of The Wolf is, so are reviews on this piece of gaming. For a profound, deep and tech-savvy review go here – night of the wolf slot machine . In this writing we are not going to cover intricacies complexly, rather give you a perspective of what’s it like to mingle with a bunch of vampire-ish werewolves when the night is falling.



Amazingly, Night Of The Wolf follows some consistent plot in comparison to the majority of slot machines where characters are introduced just to fill the void. Prepare to get acquainted with a lovely couple who appears to be so commonplace by day, but unexpectedly extraordinary by the time of the full-moon. High 5 Games developed two sets of in-game symbols to hint at that twist: the image of a handsome guy in a leather jacket and the picture of a stunning beauty next to him are replaced by imagery of werewolves with dangerous eyes – quite an interesting turn for such a narrative. Other symbols appear more as complementary, so the main focus of attention on the reels will be these two.


Whether it is a gift or a curse, this instant shift on the reels looks spectacular. Next on, High 5 Games carefully depicted little details around the main screen so that to adorn the atmosphere and draw more mystery to the gameplay. In spite of Night Of The Wolf not technically having a coherent backdrop, hazy clouds are dynamically surrounding the reels and the symbols, not to mention transparency of the reels which open up some view of a night forest. At the same time, you look at this game as if it were just a picture on the wall – wooden installations around the base screen really make you wonder.


Adjustable And Welcoming


Right before we dive hard into features and extras, let us take a few bus stops on how welcoming Night Of The Wolf is. This one is actually considered to be a penny slot machine: with 30-lined diversity gamblers are able to bet as low as 0.30 credits, with 0.01 credits per payline which is incredibly refreshing for low-rolling players. Big budgets will also find Night Of The Wolf a fine option to unleash paying capacity – the game allows to bet up to 300 credits per hit. What’s more, the machine does not restrict punters to a fixed number of win-lines – the initial thirty can be easily adjusted to a lower value like a single payline.


You Better Shape Up


Because Night Of The Wolf needs a player willing to take on something tasty right away. Primarily, this slot machine does not differ much from common modern ways – there are Wildcards to sweeten the pill and some Scatters to trigger a desirable load of rounds. However, with double-pictured symbols, special freespin features and multi-functioned Wilds, Night Of The Wolf has a charm of its own.


Meet Freespins


To initiate a series of bonus rounds is quite an easy mission to fulfill – you have to collect five of more Roses in any possible positions on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and get your reward. Why are there so many symbols to catch, you may ask? The reason for that is double symbols – special icons that contain two into one. That’s why you can collect up to 10 roses per one single round. Depending on your luck, there may be the following options:


  • Catch 5 Roses and get 5 free rounds.
  • Catch 6 Roses and get 7 free rounds.
  • Catch 7 Roses and get 10 free rounds.
  • Catch 8 Roses and get 15 free rounds.


Any number over 8 counts as 8. Thankfully, Night Of The Wolf allows retriggerable bonus because you can swiftly catch five-of-a-kind and end up playing through it in a blink of an eye due to double symbols. Freespins are crammed with high-value Wildcards that fetch amazing rewarding for matching.



There are basically four double symbols to appear on the reels during both courses – our lovely pair of humans and werewolves. One interesting feature about them that comes into being during freespins is Super Stacks which transforms regular symbols in stacks into one of the aforementioned icons. So right in the beginning of a new round you can get promoted to a nicely filled gaming grid with potentially paying combinations.


Wild Specialties


The Logo of Night Of The Wolf bears a crucial mission to deliver substation on the reels. During freespins these special cards act traditionally and replace regulars, but when it comes to the base game, things begin to get spicy. Wildcards count as two high-value symbols on a win-line, meaning they can take part onto the reels without building combinations at all.


Questionable RTP


One marring moment comes up when at least a series of 100 base rounds is behind: Night Of The Wolf shows suspiciously low payout percentage of something like 93%. With all these abundant and flourishing features included, not to mention the ability to build combinations of up to 10 symbols long, a reasonable question arises: why Night Of The Wolf returns back such a small amount? Some gamblers connect that to the fact that freespins as well as double symbols actually appear rarely on the reels, and you might go through a tedious process before you get something lavish. That’s why we highly recommend including the whole row of paylines available so that not to lower already low RTP.


Disappear In The Night


A beautiful love story begins to unravel with the first spin taken. Turning a blind eye to RTP issues, Night Of The Wolf is good anyway. It is consistent and interesting to walk through thanks to unusual features and moderate betting.

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  • Night Of The Wolf Slot Machine

    That’s why everyone adores High 5: they make cool casinos and relatively nice casino games. Even though this description may sound vague to some ears, the universal truth about this reputable ga...